N G.'s Testimonial

My wife and I have been taking dance lessons from 4Ever Dance Studio for sometime now. Our instructor Misha makes the class fun. The owner Noemi has done a fabulous job remodeling the studio. It is spotless clean, has a great new sound system, a large dance floor and a side room for private lessons. We have always enjoyed dancing; now we have the confidence and the proper steps to make it look easy

Georgia P's Testimonial

Definitely go here!! It's my favorite place to take zumba - by far the best studio around. Gee and Clay's classes are both really fun and a really good workout - I would recommend taking their classes to people at all levels of dance. Noemi is the owner and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Everyone here makes you feel excited to dance and comfortable while you're dancing, it's absolutely wonderful. Five stars!

D.H.'s Testimonial

These guys are great, I have had a blast learning how to dance, Misha is Fabukous. Noemi is full of energy, the place is nice and clean, the other students are easy to get along with, it makes the wife happy, and I learned to dance. What else is there?

Linda J's Testimonial

I am amazed how nice each teacher is and how good each is at teaching. The manager Noemi is super nice and easy.

Kitty T's Testimonial

Love the Zumba with Gifford in this tedious. Gifford rocks! Clean bathroom. good parking. Wish that staff would accept Zumba pay,net before class so that we are not in one big group after class waiting for our turn.

Claudia N's Testimonial

We are preparing our first dance for our wedding and my fiance needed some help not to say huge help to learn how to dance. Misha had helped us through the steps learning and we have improved so much in the first day of our official class.

Misha has made sure we have fun in our class and we enjoy it greatly. We laugh a lot and of course we are getting excited more and more.

Recomendation letter for Misha...absolutely. :)

Amani S's Testimonial

I have an update, so glad to say that my review was taken very seriously and Mr. Long is no longer instructing here. The owner did a lot to make sure that all of the students are comfortable and I am now once again very happy with my experience here!

Luann S's Testimonial

Great Fun! My family signed up for pre-wedding dance lessons and we had a blast! Our instructor, G, was patient with those of us who had 2 left feet! And after a dozen private lessons, I'm proud to report we can all call ourselves social dancers. And now that we know what we're doing, we LOVE to dance!

We worked closely with G and Noemi to create a lesson plan that allowed us to learn the dances we wanted and to the songs we selected. At the reception when "our songs" were played we danced like we knew what we were doing! You couldn't keep us off the dance floor.

Noemi and G were both very flexible with our lesson days and time. Even having a lesson on a Sunday at 8:00 pm. Now that's being flexible! The studio is clean, easy to get to and good parking.

I recommend 4Ever Dance Studio if you want to learn to dance, have fun, laugh and have a great experience all at the same time. Five Stars!

Heather B. Testimonial

A beautiful atmosphere with great instructors! A variety of styles to choose from for children and adults. I rent a space to teach my classes on the weekend and my students are very happy here.
A great space to rent for events as well!



Maggie L's Testimonial - Firstname Lastname

I purchased a couple of vouchers from Living Social for my two kids to do a Hip Hop class, but it proved to be a conflict for my kid’s hectic schedule. I talked to the owner, Noemi Warren and she let me exchange it for other dance classes. That is one of the best customer service offers that I’ve ever gotten. Compassion, kindness and understanding are what I love about this place. Five stars to Noemi Warren!
I am also in love with Gee, the Zumba instructor who teaches during the week and on weekends too. He makes it fun and lively for everyone to learn from at all levels of physical fitness. It’s also great for me too as I cannot go during the week because I’m shuttling the kids around to school and their activities so the weekends are perfect. There is no attitude from anyone. Everyone from the owner to the instructors, the students are here to have fun and sweat it out to great dance beats, lose weight and gain some rhythm. You don’t be sorry for dancing here!
So overall, there dance studios with the instructors are great and the people who come here are very nice. Nobody is here coming to show off, everyone is eager to learn and this will be one place that I hope does very well. I’m glad I purchased some lessons from this studio and as a plus; they offer a punch card for Zumba so you can do at your leisure or when your schedule is free. Once in a while, they even put together fun themed parties lie Disco and 60s night so that you can get your groove on and shake your caboose. I need to tighten up my loose caboose so I’ll need to come here for a while to fix that and you do get an awesome workout.
This place is truly addicting to get your entire dance fix for all ages from kids to adults and they offer everything from Argentine Tango, Ballet, Ballroom, Dance Fitness, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Line Dancing, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Zumba and Zumbatomic (kids Zumba). They operate Monday to Sunday some days as early as 9 a.m. to as late as 11:30 p.m. so it’s hard not to find something that won’t fit into your schedule. This is the place to live out your Fame dreams!

Jonne W's Testimonial - Firstname Lastname

If you are tired in spending time in gym’s workout or other bore exercise ... this place is great for you to sweat and also keep your bodyline! The instructor Gee ... he usually make the class so much fun , I loved Gee, he plays a lot of hit songs like "scream " "party rock - LMFAO" in Zumba class, he can lead everybody and keep rocking like in disco! Another instructor Clay is also awesome!! He had great technique in teaching hip hop. I cannot believe his dance experience so great! I haven’t regretted in finding this place. I think it’s not easy to find a great dance studio in tri valley, hmmm..... I know they also have other classes like ballroom, salsa, and International Latin dance classes for both kids and adults; I want to learn more if I have more free time! The tuition is very reasonable too. My first was FREE just to come and try any class that they offer, they only charged $80 for 10 class’s punch card, and this is great deal! Btw thanks the owner Noemi in bringing this studio in town :)

Ranie A.'s Testimonial

I go here for Zumba Classes.
First class is free. Just look at the times on their website, show up and dance! It's THAT simple.

If you've enjoyed the class, you can then pay per class or $80 gives you a punch card for 10 classes.

Weekends offer morning classes, weekdays offers evening classes, perfect if you work office hours.

The Zumba class is fun, easy to follow and overall an awesome awesome workout. Seriously I'm sweating like crazy afterwards but it's that feel good feeling!

Both Zumba instructors ( Gee & Clay ) are equally great.

They offer other types of classes as well, check their website. I've only done the Zumba classes.