The annual Spring Recital is a vital part of our dance school year. This performance is the application part of Performing Arts.  This is the opportunity for our students to shine in front of family and friends. Students gain a new experience when they feel the spotlight on their faces and hit the big stage. The recital becomes a venue perform like a professional at a higher standard as a result of months of training, hard work and dedication to their craft.

This year’s Recital theme is “Eunoia”. Eunoia is pronounced as /u-no-ya/ and is a Greek word meaning beautiful thinking or a good mind.  This dance school year our teachers will translate abstract words into movement and dance. We want to challenge our creativity and our students by digging deep into our imagination and creating a masterpiece through dance. Our Recital will be on June 10, 2017, 3:00 pm at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center Bankhead Theater.

Click on the link to download the 2017 Recital Handbook for review and printing. This Handbook is a guide for parents and students.